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November Taroscopes

Scorpio Secrets! November is an interesting month astrologically. After the intro, see what the month holds for you by skipping to your time mark. (if you know your Moon and Rising, check that also) #Aries♈ 3.13 #Taurus♉ 5.27, #Gemini♊ 6.42, #Cancer♋ 8.13, #Leo ♌...

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Get Intuitive!

Teaching your mind to be receptive Many people would like to learn how to be more intuitive or even psychic. I frequently get asked whether it is a skill you can learn.  People who go for a tarot reading may be told that they have the ability to be a psychic. But how...

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Be Your Own Fortune-teller!

It's no wonder folks are turning in increasing numbers to psychics. We've lost our ability to trust our own inner voice. On a personal level, and whatever the cause, I see a lot of people who are burnt out, lethargic and unable to focus on, let alone identify what...

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How To Choose A Reader

When Tarot Readings Turn Bad! There are many forms of tarot reading - online, phone or face to face. You've picked your method and settle down with your chosen reader, hopeful for a bit of cosmic guidance. Afterwards, hopefully you're uplifted and energised - all of...

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Taroscopes for Halloween Week!

Happy Halloween Witches! 🎃🎃🎃 Taroscope for this week beginning October 31st. Overall, a positive week.The Moon is still in Scorpio Monday bringing an edgy, somewhat inwardly emotional 'Halloween' vibe. Crack out the horror films on Netflix & eat all the kids candy.🍭🍭...

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Hello world!

Sun into Scorpio today. Happy Solar Return Scorpio.♏🔆 Feel that energy rise! Here's a quick vid for Scorpio Sun (Moon or Rising) on what to expect over the next year. **PLEASE SHARE WITH ANY SCORPIOS YOU KNOW !...

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Etta's Botanica Moving Home!

Yup, that's right, we're moving. Yee-ha. From Saturday 24th October, Etta's Botanica will be sited at Cardiff Indoor Flea Market,  2 Clydesmuir Industrial estate, Clydesmuir Rd, Cardiff CF24 2QS. The stall will be open Wednesdays, Saturdays and some Sundays from 10am....

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Taroscopes August 2015 – Full Corn Moon

General weekly horoscope for w/c August 24th 2015 Another busy week astrologically. The Sun has just made it's annual return to Virgo, giving a boost to work and health resolutions. This annual transit gives us all that 'Back To School' vibe. It doesn't matter whether...

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