Here at Love These Events HQ, we’ve long been admirers of some of the more unusual spooky bashes taking place on or around October 31st.

The ones we rate are worlds apart from your average boring old club night.

We’re loving those parties going the extra mile to produce a spectacular mix of music, theatrics, mysticism and mayhem. The ones which target people of all ages who demand something a bit more than the norm.  These can often be found in odd locations  – like weirdly opulent mansion houses, disused asylums and haunted old theatre buildings.

In other words, they’re a proper old knees up – with a huge twist.

The sheer creativity of both the hosts and attendees of these events go into making them truly special. The colourful outfits of the guests as much a part of the spectacle as the professional perfomers on stage before them.

Welcome to the world of Halloween cabaret.

Here’s our round-up of some of the best taking place in 2014:-

Amsterdam Spook is fast becoming a Halloween institution.

This year you can be part of their ‘Underworld Party’ theme in the beautiful surroundings of the party goersHotel Arena Club Church Hall. This is always a theatrical, music and costume extravaganza with a huge focus on horror. Price 24.50 euros (about £19.50). Check them out on www.halloweenamsterdam.comamsterdam halloween par



If the witchy side of Halloween is more your thing, the Queen of all Samhain bashes is the New Orleans Witches Ball. If your budget can stretch to a jaunt across the pond, this exclusive party is one to check out – but hurry it sells out quickly every new orleans witches ballyear. Tickets $179 (approx £110). For this you get to mingle with the finest witchy folk of New NOWBOrleans, gorge on a sumptuous buffet and witness some real ceremonial magick in action.



Back in the UK, there are many regional parties in every city, but in London you’re spoilt for choice. Fancy a Vampires Ball with some posh nosh? Check out  Tickets £79

In the home of Halloween, the U.S, there are countless Halloween parties to choose from. The Americans really take this night very seriously! In LA you Halloween in LAhave the annual NoHo Monster Bash, reported to be the best party in town. Tickets from $20.

In Salem, (what a great location!), they have their own version of a witches ball ‘Voodoo Visions‘, boasting real witch doctors and spooky rituals.

Tickets $150 (£92) from

We hope you’ve had as much fun looking at some of these sites as we did.

Hopefully, it’s given you some costume inspiration for Dark Carnivale – our own amazing Halloween night out. This is the launch of an annual Halloween ‘happening’,  set to become as famous as these listed here.

Just remember you heard it here first!

Join us this November 1st in raising a glass or two to celebrate the launch of this landmark night.

We’ll see you there,

Love These Events Team

witchy glamour

P.S. We’re sure you’ve been to some great Halloween parties in the past. Hit us up with your comments and costume pics below.








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