Ah June. The time of the year when everything is bursting into life and colour. LOVE this time of year.

king of wands

(@Ciro Marchetti’s Gilded Tarot).

This card always brings an energy of heat, vivacity, charm. He lives large, embracing all life has to offer. The embodiment of fearless, bold courageous living. He exudes inner confidence and strength. Should he fall down he picks himself back up and, without hesitation, goes forward again.

So to June. The King here appears to be looking backwards, fitting as we have Mercury retrograding again on the 7th for three weeks. The first week, especially, of a retrograde period, is when the teeth are sharpest. Up until around the 16th of the month, this is generally not a good time to make large purchases or instigate new projects. To do so may result in delays or major U-turns. Leave these until July 1st onwards…

Again, this is more a period for reflection, planning and refining your ideas. Take a cue from this King and as you luxuriate on your ‘throne’ in your garden or local park, and think about what this year has brought you so far. What are the lessons? What is the Universe trying to tell you? What needs to go – and what are you prepared to carry forward?

Till mid month subdue your outward ‘fire’…but don’t extinguish your inner creativity and ambition. Sharpen it.

Despite the retrograde, the general vibe for the month will be up-beat and positive  – especially after all the angst of April into May. It certainly won’t be as troublesome as the last retrograde in February.

Like the King, this month feels showy, loud even. Be the peacock. On a surface level, spruce up your wardrobe, get that summer ‘do’. Promote yourself, communicate, get on the net, beef up your website…refine, readjust, hone…..

Even the fiery Full Moon (in Sagittarius) on Friday 13th won’t stop the party. I think we see this full moon reflected in the King Of Wands. It feels like on or around this day, many of us will have very deeply felt epiphanies about where we want to go – and what’s missing in our life. I see this as the turning point of the year…

Hot on the heels of this we have the Summer Solstice (21st June). Yay…hello Summer!

Then as we approach the mid year point, a New Moon on June 27th.

If you need to schedule a time for a par-teh, social gathering or hot date, this could be the day. It feels like the culmination of all that mercury retro soul searching. Finally, movement! Great day for wish-making, magick and manifestation!

Key words: Power, Joy, Motivation, Adjustment, Fertility, Career, Turning Point.

Have a good one y’all!