Looking For Ideas For Your Halloween Social Media Pages 2019?

Need some quick seasonal inspo for your social media platforms this Halloween?

Want to make your social media POP this Halloween? 

Grab these ideas and get your customers all woo-ed up! 


Google trends data shows that online searches for the term ‘Halloween’ reach a peak in the week leading up to October 31st – but that the needle starts to move from late August!

However, don’t panic! it’s not too late to capitalise on the excitement surrounding this fun date – especially considering sales in the UK topped £719 million last year and worldwide, Halloween-related sales reached an eye-popping $9 billion!

That’s a slice of pumpkin pie you might just want a piece of

Here’s some tips you can use today to score a quick win with your social media marketing:

1. Fancy Dress up your social media pages

Start gearing your posts towards a Halloween theme. Try Canva or Picmonkey for some eye-popping graphics your customers will love.

Looking for some fresh images? Try Unsplash or Pixaby for great FREE stock photos

2. Competitions and Giveaways

Who doesn’t love a chance to win stuff? Social media contests can be extremely popular ways to increase engagement. Just be careful to check whichever platform you’re usings competition hosting rules… and make sure the prize relates to your business or you may just attract bounty hunters! 

Try using www.shortstack.com or heyo.com for functionality and professional-looking graphics

3. Limited Editions

Whether you have a product or a service, think of ways you can jazz them up to give your customers a Halloween-themed offering. Could you rename what you do for one week or produce a limted run of your products with a spooky twist?

4. Video

If you’re using video on your social media platforms try increasing your visibility by using occasions such as Halloween to up the ante.

Try dressing up in an eye-catching costume to stop the scrolling or attract new people to your videos by using ghoulishly great props!

Biteable is a fab way to pep up your videos for free.

5. Behind the scenes

Your customers love to see what goes on behind the scenes.

It makes your business more relatable. 

Think about fun ways you can turn this into content. Video, customer votes for best costume, images which show your Halloween decor or making products, would all go down a treat.  

6. Offer a discount

Whilst not a huge fan of regular discount-based promotions (your customers come to expect it), at busy times of the year, it can be a good way to stand out when the competition is fierce and people are distracted.

There’s lots of apps which make it easy for you. If on Shopify, they have a push button set-up but there are other apps such as  www.mezzofy.com you can use to produce physical or digital coupons.



So, hopefully, we’ve given you some ideas for your social media marketing this Halloween. As Halloween is generally viewed as a smaller event than Christmas, there’s no need to make all your social media posts Halloween-related, but having a few the week before is a great idea.

You don’t have to go all-in spooky if it’s not really your style.

But remember, your customers may enjoy seeing another side to you and your brand. Many may expect to see you giving a nod to seasonal trends. Even if you don’t consider what you do to be a good fit you could, for example, provide tips on how to survive the holiday season stress-free. 

Whatever you do, it’s only for a week! Afterwards you can start to think about Christmas or planning New Year 2020!  

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