Join me just after the powerful New Moon on February 5th, for a deep dive into your natal Astrology.

Over 6 weeks, this online course will give you the tools to understand your natal chart, the blueprint set at the time of your birth. 

You can use this divine knowledge to gain startling insights into your habits, your psyche and your karmic contract – experienced through past/present/ future events.

It’s powerful, life-affirming, stuff….

You will discover;


Astrology is a language which once mastered, can be used to understand the ‘cards’ you were dealt, how the patterns of these planets manifest in your life. The key is knowing that life is part fate and part co-creation.  With this course, you will learn how to strengthen any ‘weak’ aspects in your chart and life – the true meaning of as above so below! I’ll also show you how to optimise your ‘strong’ planets for better health, relationships, money and career opportunities. 

We’ll also take a look at meaning of the NEW & FULL MOON CYCLES taking place over the 6 weeks. Understand how you can use these for manifesting what you want and planning everyday events – such as holidays and career changes. 

By the end of this 6 weeks, you will be able to read basic charts, having also experienced plenty of ‘a-ha’ moments about the events, people and patterns in your life.  


All material is delivered via a private online forum via video, podcast and downloadable material for you to keep. I will be giving personal feedback to all attendees in an online group forum. The information you need is your birth date, time and place. If you only have an approximate time,  I can dowse this for you – but that is not an exact science!  You may want to consider asking a friend or relative if you can interpret their chart so that you can learn the methods and then apply it to your own at a later date.

The fee for this 6-week course is £125, but this can also be spread over 2 payments. Just pay £65 now to reserve your place and the balance by the end of February.