The Lion. Such a symbol of our times.

We’ve got a roaring New Moon in Leo coming up this Friday 14th August.

This is powerful.lion

It’s a time of peak creativity, new beginnings, being your authentic Self and following the path you have started to carve out.

With Uranus in the Leonine sister sign of Aries, expect the odd unexpected plot twist, but anything which manifests around this time is meant to support you, bring you to a happier place.

There’s a strong love vibe to this moon. After all the stresses of the year to date, now at last we can begin to think about dating again – or reconnecting with our partners. Most importantly, loving and accepting ourselves….

Moreover,  money anxieties should ease over this next 4-week period – despite Venus still being retrograde till early September.

If you fancy doing a spot of manifestation magic, take an orange candle -for creativity (pink for love, green for money and career), light it and as it burns, make a ‘wish list’ of what you want to see happen over the next few weeks. Then burn it. Have a receptacle to hand for the falling ash. Don’t flambe your living room!

prince wandsI pulled a card to capture the energy of this day – The fiery Prince of Wands. Reckless, impulsive, full of derring-do. Perhaps we should allow more of his energy to permeate our activities over the next few weeks – although leave the real risk taking to after September 6th when Venus resumes forward motion.

Keywords – creativity, intuition, new projects, harmony, playfulness, reconnection, happiness.