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New Moon in Leo – Grrr

The Lion. Such a symbol of our times. We've got a roaring New Moon in Leo coming up this Friday 14th August. This is powerful. It's a time of peak creativity, new beginnings, being your authentic Self and following the path you have started to carve out. With Uranus...

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The Best Halloween Parties In The World

Here at Love These Events HQ, we've long been admirers of some of the more unusual spooky bashes taking place on or around October 31st. The ones we rate are worlds apart from your average boring old club night. We're loving those parties going the extra mile to...

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Day Of The Dead

Day of the Dead or Dia de Muertos is the Mexican equivalent of Halloween only much bigger, brighter and, best of all, longer. It stretches over 3 days from October 31st and coincides with the Catholic All Souls and All Saints days. Traditionally, the festival was...

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Psychic Development

Psychic Development Training - teaching your mind to be receptive Many people would like to learn how to be more intuitive or psychic. I frequently get asked whether it is a skill you can learn.  People who go for a tarot reading may be told that they have the ability...

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Halloween 2014

Looking for Halloween Events South Wales for this year? Get ready for the most spooktacular Halloween event in South Wales 2014. A Dark Carnivale is taking place on Saturday November 1st at Bedwas Workmens Hall, Bedwas, Caerphilly. Get all the details and Early Bird...

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Card For June – King Of Wands

Ah June. The time of the year when everything is bursting into life and colour. LOVE this time of year. (@Ciro Marchetti's Gilded Tarot). This card always brings an energy of heat, vivacity, charm. He lives large, embracing all life has to offer. The embodiment of...

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Taroscopes 6 – 12th January 2014

Taroscopes w/c January 6th "Your weekly horoscopes blended with a little pinch of psychic tarot goodness" Hello folks.Well, I took a break last week so apologies for no Taroscopes. If you're like me, it's always difficult to get off the starting blocks the first week...

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Taroscopes 4 – 10th November

Your weekly horoscopes added to a dash of psychic tarot goodness Hello Tarot peeps. Lots going on this week. We’ve just been through that naval gazing solar eclipse in Scorpio. Lots of changes, the effects of which will be felt up to March 2014. Mercury ends its...

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Hold The Phone! Do You Really Need To Call Your Psychic?

We all know the familiar cliché of intuition. We say it's that feeling you get in your gut when the phone rings and you already know who's calling. Intuition is the ability to sense how other people are feeling even when they don't tell you. It's the KNOWING that we...

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