Your 2019 Astro Report!

Get a head start on 2019 by booking your annual Astro Tarot report.

You’ll get a month by month breakdown of the main trends – what to expect financially, career-wise, socially. Plus, where there are any major significant astrological events, I’ll take a look at how these will affect you in 2019. I’ll tell you the best times of the year for holidays, investments, career and love!

“unbelievably accurate”…. 

“…my daughter can’t believe how everything is coming true. She keeps ringing me to tell me bits”…

You’ll receive an 12 page written report – one for each month of the year. If you’d like to give this as a gift for a friend or family member, please contact me as this can be sent on any date between now and the New Year (including Christmas Day!)

Each report takes a day to prepare using Tarot, Astrology and Numerology and spaces are limited.

The cost of this detailed reading is £75. Booking is easy! Use the link  on the left You’ll recieve a confirmation email asking for your birth details, whether you have any specific areas of focus and the date you want this sending to you!


If you’re a new client, book your hours reading. Email me on with your availabiIity. I will spend time before our call analysing your chart, so that by the time we speak, I have your details at my fingertips! Follow-up readings, book your time on the right.

1 hr first time reading


1 hr follow-up reading 


1/2 hr follow-up reading