Happy Halloween Witches! 🎃🎃🎃

Taroscope for this week beginning October 31st.
Overall, a positive week.The Moon is still in Scorpio Monday bringing an edgy, somewhat inwardly emotional ‘Halloween’ vibe. Crack out the horror films on Netflix & eat all the kids candy.🍭🍭 🍭

Saturn now conjunct Venus will be making us focus on our finances and/or relationships. …Venus rules both. Reality check central. Late Tuesday afternoon as the Moon moves into Sagi, the energy will feel more expansive and energised. From Saturday, there’s a lovely positive energy flow between Venus and Uranus bringing financial or romantic surprises. Make mine a large – of either.

Cards this week are Congo Houngan, Erzulie La Flambeau and Guedeh La Flambeau. These cards perfectly illustrate what happens when you mix fire with water…lots of steam. This can be steam in a good way. Great week for creative endeavours, for transmutation of energy – where emotions are stuck on repeat – and for ramping up the passion (certainly from Saturday night).
However, steam can also scald. Guedeh La Flambeau is the excitable energy of passion rising out of control. Without careful handling,it can all be over before it begins 🙀 Scorpio brings this ‘all or nothing’ sex/death vibe. The two are closely linked.

Important this week then, to not get carried away. I have a vision of a spinning top whirling out of control…then …nothing. Phut. Stay in the driving seat of whatever it is you’re trying to manifest. Move forward steadily and consistently…don’t prematurely blow a gasket. Put that kinetic energy to good use and all will be ‘off the heezy fosheezy’ (That means good). To look cool, use that one with the yoof demanding Chupa Chups with menace at your door this evening.

Have a great week y’all