General weekly horoscope for w/c August 24th 2015

Another busy week astrologically. The Sun has just made it’s annual return to Virgo, giving a boost to work and health resolutions. This annual transit gives us all that ‘Back To School’ vibe. It doesn’t matter whether you left school 4 years – or 40 years ago, there’s a reason why we all treat ourselves to new stationary at this time of year!

Happy Birthday Virgo’s everywhere!

The conjunction of the Sun with Jupiter this week also provides a sense of well being and optimism. Great time to make some resolutions about a new fitness regimen.

There’s a lovely full moon in Pisces this Saturday. This is the first of 3  ‘Super Moons’ this year. For those sensitive to lunar energy, you’ll find that this Moon exerts a much stronger pull on the Earth and you.  As this Moon is in watery, psychic Pisces, we’re all going to feel heightened emotion and sensitivity. You may find yourself more receptive to downloads of information and messages.

It’s also a great time for having empathy with others and, for those in relationships, for reconnecting with your partner – especially if you’ve been going through a difficult or distant phase.

Tarot cards for this week are The Lovers, King of Cups and Justice.

The Lovers card here highlights the need this week for connection with others. If not in a relationship, august 2015 full moonwe will probably seek out the company of others we feel a pull towards, those who we feel are on our ‘wavelength’. We may feel a compunction to help others in need – or we will certainly feel more for their circumstances.

The King of Cups here (a very Piscean card) ramps up the emotional vibe this weekend. Allow yourself to wallow in pleasant, waves of emotion. Some full moons can bring unpleasant feelings to the surface as they tend to illuminate what we hide from ourselves. Not this one. It’s beautifully aspected. Take some time to float around on your little cloud of happiness. Banish any negative thoughts (or people!)

This will be a great period for anyone empathic and/or creative. It is a time of mysticism and magic.

The Justice card as an outcome is here to remind us that our intuition also needs to be balanced by logic. Any new relationships which may start as a result of this loved-up vibe need to be handled in a measured way. Venus is still retrograding for another week and with an opposition to Neptune here, you’ll be looking at people through rose-tinted specs. Justice here is balancing the pragamatic, conscious Virgo energy with the deep sensitivity and knowing of Pisces.

So there we have it. We start the week full of logic, Virgoan reasoning, planning, details. We end it on a beautiful, dream-like full Moon. Plan something special, make some wishes. Just remember that anyone you meet around this time may turn out to be a wolf in sheeps clothing. Wait a while before leaping in – unless you’re also looking for just a fling and a bit of escapism….

Have a great week y’all!