It is said that to become a good reader, a really good reader, then first it is necessary to hold a mirror up to your Soul to explore your shadow, the depths of your own psyche.

At this level, moving beyond basic card meanings and spreads, this course delves deep into your subconscious – all those “repressed longings, enervating wounds, ignorant delusions and unripe powers” of your Shadow Self. (Rob Brezsny)

It will guide you through this process using messages in the cards. They will help you face that mirror and process what you see there.

“Unless you learn to face your own shadows, you will continue to see them in others, because the World outside you is only a reflection of the World inside you”


This course is designed for those who want to develop a more meaningful connection to the cards, use the cards to work with others or for professional readers who feel the need for a refresher.

By the end of this course, you will have made huge leaps in your understanding of ‘Self’, the patterns you are stuck in, the cycles you experience and how to break through them. Expect to have plenty of ‘a-ha’ moments as the cards help you uncover poignant revelations about your life and your Soul purpose, which in turn helps you help others.

For those who intend using the cards just for themselves, you will certainly leave this course with a high degree of self-awareness which may just cause some real-time changes in your life…….

If all that sounds a bit heavy, it’s also fun!


The units covered are as follows:-

*Relationships – Using the cards to explore your feelings around ‘relationship’, looking at patterns you may be manifesting. This includes intimate relationships, but also others in your life – those of family, colleagues and friends.                         *Health and Death in the cards – The big taboo subjects. Will you read for people on health issues – or not? This unit will help you explore your own attitudes to these topics – and examine the mind/body/manifestation connection of illness.             *Soul Purpose and Path – Are you on the right path? Are you in the right career? What did you sign up to do in this lifetime?*Kabbalah – Here we will take a look at the very foundation of tarot with the Tree of Life and explore how this ancient Judaic spiritual system underpins the Tarot.#                                                                                                                             *Astrology – furthering your knowledge of astrological correspondences in the cards and taking a detailed look at your natal chart. This unit teaches you how to interpret a natal chart so you can understand the ‘cards you were dealt’ at birth and how they corresond to the Major Arcana.                                                                                                                                         *Myth and Magick   – taking a look at the magickal systems which underpin the Tarot                                                       *Working With Clients – a practical look at client psychology and developing your skills to handle every client eventuality!

The course will be delivered over 8 weeks online.

Because this course is intensive, I can only take a small number of people into this group for individual attention. If you feel it’s the right course for you, get on board and secure your place!


You will need to have completed a Beginners Tarot course with me or elsewhere or have a good basic understanding of card meanings and spreads.

Other Information;

You will need to allocate around 2 hours per week, minimum, for study. There are reading assignments to be completed.

The cost of the course is £125 if paid in 3 instalments (£45 deposit, balance split over Sept/ Oct) – or £110 with a £15 discount if paid in full. You will be sent a confirmation of your place upon receipt of payment. Scroll down for your payment options.

Any questions, please contact me on or via facebook messaging.