When Tarot Readings Turn Bad!

There are many forms of tarot reading – online, phone or face to face. You’ve picked your method and settle down with your chosen reader, hopeful for a bit of cosmic guidance.

Afterwards, hopefully you’re uplifted and energised – all of your questions answered..

Alternatively, you may have found the results a bit, well, disappointing.

Perhaps you felt the reader didn’t connect with you. What if  none of what they said made sense?

But have you considered that the problem with the reading may lie with the type of reading you went for rather than the quality of the reader?

I’m not saying there aren’t bad tarot readers out there – just like there are shady plumbers or terrible hairdressers. In any profession, there are always chancers.

However, to stay in this field for any time, you have to be good at what you do. Unless you went to see a fortune teller at the end of the pier (who tend to have long careers because they get to see new tourists every season – they don’t have to build a reputation), and your tarot reader has been around for a number of years, they’re probably the real deal. Especially with the internet, bad news travel fast and if your psychic is sucky, you’ll know about it.

So, say you go to see someone on the recommendation of a friend. Your friend raved about them, you thought they were a waste of your time and money (I know some people visit rubbish psychics for a laugh, but let’s say you went because you had a genuine problem). So what went wrong?

Let’s start by busting a few myths

1. Tarot isn’t ‘ fortune telling’. It’s not even that predictive…..Hate to break it to you, but it’s true. The power doesn’t lie in the cards. It lies in the hands of the person interpreting the cards. Tarot reading is an skill acquired over many years (often at considerable expense). People are not born reading tarot cards. If your reader hasn’t put the legwork in and doesn’t really know what they’re doing, answers will not arise genie-like out of the mists.

2. Readers have different sets of skills. Some have just learnt to read the cards in a ‘mechanistic’ kind of way. Some have additional skills – such as clairaudient, sentient or clairvoyant ability. Some are mediums.

If you’re hoping to speak to Uncle Fred and the reading is telling you about your personality aligned to the Queen of Wands, you’re not with a Medium.

Ask before you book what skills your psychic has.

3. The ability to read cards doesn’t have to be hereditary. If you’re choosing your reader on the basis that they claim to be the 7th daughter of a 7th daughter, you may walk away disappointed. Similarly, ‘gypsies’ have no more intuitive ability per head of population than anyone else…..

4. You make your fate.

The fact is that the real  insight and answers lie within you not the person reading you.

What a psychic/ intuitive is picking up on when you go for a reading is the energy frequency that you radiate. This vibration cannot be switched off, it’s a natural part of being human!

Our reality starts with our thoughts, our feelings, our conscious and subconscious motivations. We continually receive and emit these emotions – a bit like radio waves!

Get this. Because these vibrations become our reality, your future is not, cannot be, pre-determined.

YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR SHAPING YOUR OWN FUTURE .  You’re doing it right this minute! The key is to change your mindset and then you’ll see change your life.

Until you’re prepared to invest time and energy in yourself, a thousand tarot readings will not change your situation one jot!

So why have a tarot reading at all?

Because a lot of what motivates what we do is subconscious, we sometimes are not aware of why we do certain things and repeat patterns.

E.g. issues such as why we keep attracting certain types of people into our life.

Tarot helps us analyse why we keep doing the same things – and getting the same results.

It is the first step in helping us break these cycles. Tarot helps us re-set out internal compass – our own intuition.

Just by understanding why we have a certain vibrational frequency about, for example, our inability to attract enough money into our life, then we can work on changing that frequency and clearing any blocks that we have.

How is it possible to do this via an email reading?

The best bit of this process is, because you can’t turn your ‘frequency ‘ off, you don’t have to be sat with your reader for them to tune into you. Readings can be done at a distance.

This is how I can work with my clients. By tuning into your frequency, I am forming a very powerful channel – with no distraction. The information just flows. It’s a bit like watching TV!

This insight into you is powerful stuff !

When you start to gain more clarity and start to develop your own inner compass – your own intuition, then the problems that once dogged you, start to fade away.

Once you realise the power you have to shape your life, the world becomes more fun. Possibilities start to open up. Money problems ease. Relationships improve.

In future posts, I’ll be taking a look at how you develop and strengthen your intuition so that you can learn to trust your own judgement more to gain clarity on your life.