Teaching your mind to be receptive

Many people would like to learn how to be more intuitive or even psychic. I frequently get asked whether it is a skill you can learn.  People who go for a tarot reading may be told that they have the ability to be a psychic. But how do you become intuitive? Can anyone do it? What does it really mean and what are it’s uses?

What Does It Mean To Be Intuitive?

There are differences between intuition and psychic ability.

Intuition is a natural, innate skill we all possess. It’s just instinct, hard wired into our DNA. Part of being human. Animals have a very keen intuitive ability. When the phone rings and you know who it is, when you walk into a room and feel an argument has just taken place – that’s your intuition. In order to develop it, one of the best ways is acknowledging you have it, being aware of it and playing around with it. It’s like a muscle, the more you use it, the stronger it gets.

There are many reasons for wanting to develop your intuition. This can range from being able to make better choices in our everyday life, to having greater spiritual realisations and awakening deeper spiritual enlightenment.

Intuitive Development For Beginners

One method I use to develop both intuitively and psychically is by using the tarot.

Tarot cards usually have a rich symbolic imagery embedded within them which can trigger psychic and intuitive revelations. You don’t need to study tarot cards for hours to use them for yourself either. Here’s how. Take your cards, grab a pen and paper then randomly pick a card from the pack. Ask for a message for the day – rather like using oracle cards. As you look at the card you’ve chosen, allow your mind to still. Don’t worry about the traditional meaning of the card. The aim of this is to connect with  the symbols in the card and trigger your intuition. In fact, sometimes knowing too much about the tarot gets in the way of doing this as your rational ‘left brain’ jumps in and tries to make sense of what you’re seeing.

Let your vision ‘go off’ a bit (as someone extremely short sighted, this is easy for me). Allow your vision to become a bit blurry and unfocused. Allow thoughts to randomly enter your mind. Write them down. Jot down anything which pops into your head – random thoughts, pictures etc. Don’t censor these. It should flow like a stream of consciousness. Later in the day or evening, revisit your findings – and see how they may have tallied with anything that occurred during the day. The more you practice this, the more accurate it gets!

Other than using tarot cards, methods I use to develop my intuition, is by playing guessing games with myself. For example, if I’m watching a quiz on television with multiple choice answers, instead of thinking logically about the answer to the question, I try to ‘feel’ the answer in my body. I imagine a large arrow hovering above the answer and pointing to it. Try it and see what works for you. By the way, unfortunately this technique doesn’t work if you try to pick out lottery numbers!

Alternatively, next time you need an answer to something, randomly select a book off a shelf and let it fall open at a page. Quickly scan the page and when your eyes alight upon a word or a sentence – and you feel drawn to it – you probably have your answer.

Finally, we live in a world of signs and symbols. If you ask the Universe a question, watch for any signs and symbols which may pop up in the next few days to give you your answer. An example could be someone tells you something out of the blue, you come across exactly the right article when you’re searching for something completely different online. It could also be delivered in very unexpected ways. Once when I asked the Universe about a pressing issue, withing half an hour, a van cut across me on the road (I narrowly missed a bump), with words on the side of it exactly with the answer I was looking for!

Also look for patterns and messages in nature – if you get really good at this, you may see signs in cloud formations, animal behaviours and appearances (butterflies and birds appearing where they shouldn’t is common) and all manner of weird and wonderful things. Just be open to it.

Am I Psychic?

Sometimes people use the word ‘psychic‘ when they mean ‘medium’, but there is a huge but subtle difference. Being psychic means that you have the ability to pick up on information that you wouldn’t be aware of by ‘usual’ means. For example, knowing hidden information about a person is usually a sign of psychic ability. Knowing – even at a distance – what mood a person is in – can be a good indication of psychic ability as is the ability to foretell the likely outcome of events – but not necessarily. Being able to tell people with a 100% degree of accuracy what will happen in their life is impossible. People always have free will.

Psychic ability doesn’t necessarily mean you can ‘see dead people’ or communicate with spirits. That is mediumistic ability.

There is often a crossover of the two , perhaps where a person is unaware that they are acting as a medium but are receiving information from Spirit.

Can Anyone Be Psychic?

It is my belief that we are all intuitive and we all psychic – to greater or lesser extents. It’s just that the unnatural environments we choose or are forced to live and work in often disconnect us from these abilities. We all have the ability to know more by accessing information that we are not currently aware of. Just a simple trick to turning on the power of psychic connection is to spend more time outdoors. Get into nature, take your shoes off and walk barefoot on the Earth. This serves to download and get rid of all the toxic build-up we are carrying. It reconnect us with the vast source of spiritual information existing all around us in the great Universal energy.

TOP TIPS for developing your ability

  1. Make the decision to acknowledge that you already have  intuitive and psychic abilities – they just need awakening!
  2. Start a dream diary and start recording your dreams. Also make a note of any messages, signs and symbols you may see in your dreams as they often contain messages from Spirit.
  3. Meditation is a great way to still the ‘chattering mind’ and connect to your authentic Self.
  4. Find a local psychic development class. Many of these accept beginners so don’t be put off if you feel like a newbie. You never know, you may find several like-minded people and expand your social circle.
  5. If you are studying or a qualified holistic healer, you may find connecting to your intuition and psychic ability a bit easier than the rest of us. Reiki and other energy practices are excellent ways of connecting to your spiritual self. If not, go online and find out about auras, chakras and energy paths within the body.
  6. Learning a method of divination – learning tarot is one way of fast-tracking your psychic development training. Tarot cards actually contain symbolism within them which links to and awakens your intuition in a very powerful way.

Follow these tips and you’ll be off to a good start.If you want to find out more, please pop over and like my facebook page – or look into joining one of my online classes or workshops in Caerphilly. Alternatively, find a class in your local area. You’ll be glad you did. Having a keen intuitive or psychic ability adds a whole new dimension to your life. It keeps you on track and helps you make better choices,

Now who wouldn’t want that?